Nicole Vassell 1115

My name is Nicole. In an ideal world, I’d have an unlimited sugar daddy fund hard-earned income for travelling and the ability to eat whatever I want without worrying about my clothes stretching. Yes, I know, I have some things to work through.

I’m an online writer for a national celebrity magazine, where I investigate and tell the public who’s beefing, breaking up and getting it on in the world of showbiz. Ask me anything Kardashian-related, and I’ll reluctantly fill you in.

Here, you’ll find personal tales of travel, and essays on the parts of pop culture that inspire me most. It’s mostly Beyoncé-related for now, but can you blame me?

Welcome to my site – I hope you enjoy it! If not, that’s fine – just don’t screenshot it and bitch about it in your WhatsApp groups, yeah?

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